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Lesley McAliece

A breast cancer survivor and major lover of the Standardbred, Lesley wanted to give something back after her diagnosis, surgery and the long journey of recovery.


After recovery and increasing her horse family, by rescuing and purchasing horses that were in need of a new home, Lesley took up horse showing and discovered another way to fill her already overflowing days and to meet new, like minded, friends.


In mid-2019, Lesley approached the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria (SPPHAV) to see if it was possible for her to run a Standardbred show, for members of the SPPHAV, as a means of raising funds for the Breast Cancer Trials Program.


With that approval in place, the show became part of the annual SPPHAV High Point Show Program.


Maree Lund

Maree holds membership number 002V, with the SPPHAV and while not being a rider, her daughter and Founder of the SPPHAV, Rebecca shares the same love of the Standardbred as Lesley. Since those early days of the SPPHAV (back in August 1993) Maree has been a Committee Member and supported the breed by assisting with the development of class programs and supporting both the Association and agricultural shows out in the show ring.


When Lesley approached the SPPHAV for permission to run the Standardbreds for Breast Cancer Trials Program Show, Maree put up her hand to assist Lesley.


Today there is a strong friendship, between these 2 ladies, and the successful Standardbreds for Breast Cancer Trials Show, held in September 2019, raised $3,500 for the Breast Cancer Trials Program.

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